Install Docker On Windows: Download Docker for Windows installer from the official website; Double-click on the installer to run it; Go through the Install Wizard, accept the license and proceed with the install; After installation, open the Docker for Windows app and wait till the whale icon on the status bar becomes stable. Install Docker Machine. On macOS and Windows, Machine is installed along with other Docker products when you install the Docker Toolbox. For details on installing Docker Toolbox, see the macOS installation instructions or Windows installation instructions. Using Docker on Windows 10 (Updated at the end of 2019) Since I wrote this originally, Docker on Windows has become a first-class supported tool, with a Windows Installer and well-documented installation processes from docker and from Microsoft.

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Docker Enterprise Edition for Windows Server 2016 (Docker EE) enables nativeDocker containers on Windows Server 2016. The Docker EE installation packageincludes everything you need to run Docker on Windows Server 2016.This topic describes pre-install considerations, and how to download andinstall Docker EE.

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Docker Universal Control Plane and Windows

With Docker EE, your Windows nodes can join swarms that are managedby Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP). When you have Docker EE installedon Windows Server 2016 and you have aUCP manager node provisioned, you can join your Windows worker nodes to a swarm.

Install Docker EE

Docker EE for Windows requires Windows Server 2016. SeeWhat to know before you install for afull list of prerequisites.

  1. Open a PowerShell command prompt, and type the following commands.

  2. Test your Docker EE installation by running the hello-world container.

(optional) Make sure you have all required updates

Some advanced Docker features (like Swarm) require that Windows is updated to include the fixes in KB4015217 (or a later cumulative patch).

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Select option 6) Download and Install Updates.

Use a script to install Docker EE

Use the following steps when you want to install manually, script automatedinstalls, or install on air-gapped systems.

  1. In a PowerShell command prompt, download the installer archive on a machinethat has a connection.

  2. Copy the zip file to the machine where you want to install Docker. In aPowerShell command prompt, use the following commands to extract the archive,register, and start the Docker service.

  3. Test your Docker EE installation by running the hello-world container.

Install a specific version

Docker Windows Download Previous Version

To install a specific Docker version, you can use the MaximumVersion and MinimumVersion flags. For example:

Update Docker EE

To update Docker EE on Windows Server 2016:

What to know before you install

  • What the Docker EE for Windows install includes: The installationprovides Docker Engine and theDocker CLI client.

About Docker EE containers and Windows Server 2016

Looking for information on using Docker EE containers?

  • Getting Started with Windows Containers (Lab)provides a tutorial on how to set up and run Windows containers on Windows 10or Windows Server 2016. It shows you how to use a MusicStore application withWindows containers.

  • Setup - Windows Server 2016 (Lab)describes environment setup in detail.

  • Docker Container Platform for Windows Server 2016 articles and blogposts on the Docker website.

Where to go next

  • Getting started provides an overview ofDocker for Windows, basic Docker command examples, how to get help or givefeedback, and links to all topics in the Docker for Windows guide.

  • FAQs provides answers to frequently askedquestions.

  • Release Notes lists componentupdates, new features, and improvements associated with Stable and Edgereleases.

  • Learn Docker provides general Docker tutorials.

  • Windows Containers on Windows Serveris the official Microsoft documentation.

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Docker and Microsoft Bring Containers to Windows Apps

Docker and Microsoft have a joint engineering relationship to deliver a consistent Docker experience for developers and operators. All Windows Server 2016 and later versions come with Docker Engine - Enterprise. Additionally, developers can leverage Docker natively with Windows 10 via Docker Desktop. Docker Windows containers work the same way as it does on Linux: same Docker CLI, API, image format and content distribution services. Additional benefits:

Windows Download Docker Compose

  • Provide a consistent Docker user experience: use the same commands and UI in Windows as on Linux environments
  • Eliminate conflicts: Different versions of IIS/.NET can coexist on a single system with container isolation
  • Complementary with Hyper-V virtualization with added isolation properties when Hyper V containers are selected at runtime
  • Smaller base images: Take advantage of new smaller base images like Windows Server Core and Nano Server in Windows Server 1709, 1803 and Windows Server 2019
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