Because Docker is open source software it’s not only free to use, but free to adapt, extend, hack, or build on. In this guide I cover installing Docker on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa), but the same steps may also work on older versions of Ubuntu, including Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Step 3 – Install Docker Ubuntu. Once the repository is updated, you can install the Docker on Ubuntu by running the following command: apt-get install docker-ce -y. This command will install the latest version of Docker from the Docker official repository. Step 4 – Verify Docker Version.

Docker Compose is a Python program that lets you easily deploy multiple containers on a server.

As you start exploring Docker, you'll learn that often to run a certain web-app, you'll need to run various services (like database, web-server etc) in different containers.

Deploying multiple containers is a lot easier with Docker Compose.

In this tutorial, you'll learn two ways of installing Docker Compose on Ubuntu:

  • Installing Docker Compose from Ubuntu's repository: Easier method but may not have the latest version of docker compose
  • Installing the latest Docker Compose using PIP: Gets you the newer docker compose version

Keep in mind that to use Docker Compose, you must have Docker installed on Ubuntu.

Install Docker Compose from Ubuntu's repository

This is the easiest and recommend method. Install mojave old mac. Unless you need the latest Docker Compose version for some specific reasons, you can manage very well with the docker compose version provides by Ubuntu.

Docker Compose is available in the universe repository of Ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04 so make sure to enable it first:

You probably won't need it but no harm in updating the local cache:

Now you can install Docker Compose in Ubuntu using this command:

You can check that Docker Compose is installed successfully by checking its version:

It should show an output like this:

Install docker ce on ubuntu 18.04 lts

Install the latest Docker Compose on Ubuntu using PIP

PIP stands for 'PIP Installs Package'. It's a command-line based package manager for installing Python applications.

Since Docker Compose is basically a Python program, you can use PIP to install it.

But before you do that, you need to install PIP on Ubuntu first.

Enable the universe repository first.

Install PIP now:

Install Docker Ubuntu 18.04 Lts Debian

Now that you have PIP installed use it to install Docker Compose for all users on your Linux system:

Install Docker On Ubuntu 18.04 Lts

Check the Docker Compose version to ensure that it is installed successfully:

Install Docker Ubuntu 18.04 Lts Ubuntu

You can see that Docker Compose installed via PIP is more recent version.

I hope you were able to successfully install Docker Compose on Ubuntu with this tutorial. Questions and suggestions are welcome.

Install Docker Ubuntu 18.04 Lts

Install Docker Ubuntu 18.04 Lts
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Install Docker Ubuntu 18.04 Lts Centos

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