Note: On Mac OS v. 10.12 “Sierra” (only), you need to follow these additional steps to install. So without further ado, here are the CC 2015.5 links! Creative Cloud 2015.5 – Adobe CC 2015.5 Download Links – ALL Languages U PDATE (Oct. 2020) – These links still work to download some original CC 2015.5 installers. If you’re using.



The 32-bit Windows and Mac platform uses separate installers for Reader and Acrobat. Windows 64-bit installers combine the two into a single installer. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: 32 and 64 bit. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: 32 and 64 bit. Installing a protected PDF reader for Windows or Mac. To open a protected PDF document on your desktop computer, we recommend that you install the relevant Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) plug-in for Acrobat and Acrobat Reader for your operating system. Instructions: If you haven't already, install the Adobe Reader from the Adobe site.

A new release is available which fixes bug 4324516: Acrobat cannot launch if PDFLib TET Plugin is present. If you’re using v1 - Jan 2021, migrate to the latest version described below.


To access the downloads:

  1. Go to

  2. Download the SDK:

  • Windows: SDK version v2 - Mar 2021

  • Macintosh: SDK version v2 - Mar 2021


The 32-bit Windows and Mac platform uses separate installers for Reader and Acrobat. Windows 64-bit installers combine the two into a single installer.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: 32 and 64 bit

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: 32 and 64 bit

System requirements¶

The SDK supports the following:

  • Windows: Samples have been upgraded to compile using VS2019 for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

  • Macintosh: With this release Acrobat SDK samples could be compiled using X-CODE 9.2. Target Mac OS Deployment version is 10.11.

Changes for this release¶

Download Adobe Acrobat For Mac Catalina

All code samples, tools, and other API dependent assets are updated for compatibility with the latest compilers.


  • General changes for 64-bit Windows:

    • You must upgrade 32-bit plugins to 64-bit for them to work with the 64-bit app.

    • The SDK provides 64-bit public headers to 3rd party plug-in developers so that they can successfully create or upgrade their plugins.

    • Acrobat and Reader use the same, single installer. The unified application determines the mode in which it’s running (Reader/Acrobat) at run time. Plugins must dynamically check the whether the app is in Acrobat or Reader mode in order to determine what functionality should be available.

    • The application can transition from Reader mode to Acrobat mode without a relaunch, so plugins must react to mode notifications accordingly.

    • If any Acrobat-specific HFT is invoked in Reader Mode, it could throw a run-time exception. Plugins need to ensure Acrobat specific HFTs are not invoked while the application is running in Reader mode.

    • Docker in windows home. Existing plugins with different binaries for Acrobat and Reader must combine into a single binary. Product differentiation (Reader vs Acrobat) at install time is not possible.

  • Installation path

    • 64-bit: /Program Files/Adobe/<app name>/Acrobat/plug_ins

    • 32-bit: /Program Files (x86)/Adobe/<app name>/Acrobat/plug_ins

    • There is no “Acrobat Reader” specific path for 64-bit; there is for 32-bit.

    • The app name in the path is Acrobat DC.

  • Samples

    • App Wizard: The App wizard has been upgraded and will only work with VS2019.

    • wxPlugin: Upgraded to use wxWidgets 3.1.3. Developers must compile wxwidgets and copy the generated libs to NonAdobeSupportwxWidgetswinlib and header files to NonAdobeSupportwxWidgetswininclude. File paths may vary with a user’s project configuration.

    • Removed unsupported CommonInterfaceAIR.air from snippetRunner Sample.

    • All existing samples are ported from Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 is recommended to create and upgrade 64-bit native plugins.

    • Public header and sample plugins are updated.

  • Config folder: A new folder contains the common Visual Studio Settings for import by all VS project solutions: AdobeAcrobatDCSDKVersion1Config.

  • Code changes:


Impacted API


AccessibilitySupport (AcrobatAccess.idl)

get_accID. See PDF Accessibility API Reference

32-bit: HRESULTget_accID(long*id); 64-bit: HRESULTget_accID(longlong*id)

  • New data type

The following new data scalar type is added to the data types:


Byte size



4 ( win-32); 8 (win-64)

intptr_t: Signed integer of size equal to a pointer


4 ( win-32); 8 (win-64)

size of objects (as in size_t)


  • Plugin samples

    • MultiTab: To run the sample, place multitab_icons.pdf (from the SDK package) in /users/{username}/documents

    • wxPlugin: This plugin is delivered as Windows only due to dependency on the wxwidget library in Macintosh. TBD

  • AppleScript: WatermarkJsoAs: you must place the package input files present on the desktop. On script execution, users are prompted to specify an output folder in which to save the stamped file.

  • Tools

    • verifyUrl.acroplugin: Removed since it uses HITToolBox which is deprecated by Mac.

    • Sign Plugin.exe: Upgraded to 64 Bit to support Mac OS Catalina.

Known issues¶

  • Mac only: Acrobat crashes while running media in RunMediaPlayers.pdf

  • Mac only: Flash player crashes while running media in ScriptEvents.pdf

  • “SHA1 algorithm warning message” appears when signing using DocSign SDK sample

  • When protected mode is ON:

    • PDF file will open in a temporary window while using StaticViewVC.exe/StaticViewVB.exe

    • WatermarkJsoVB.exe will not work

Other issues:

  • 4301819: PDDomView present in Acrobat SDK sometimes doesn’t work

  • 4316221: Snippet Runner and Weblink Demo are not working on 64-Bit Acrobat due to dependency on the CommonInterfaceAIR.air

  • 4315936: [Protected mode] DMS integration sample is not working

  • 4315935: [Protected mode] Error coming while running ClienApp.exe for the DDE server sample

  • 4324516: Acrobat cannot launch if PDFLib TET Plugin is present. Note: this bug is fixed in the 3/11/2021 update (v2 - Mar 2021).

Adobe Acrobat Lifetime Purchase Page

Here is a link to make an Adobe Acrobat “outright purchase”:

Buy Adobe Acrobat DC Full License at $449

It is well hidden by Adobe who really wants to move customers to their yearly or monthly subscription model (see below my chat exchange with an Adobe sales advisor)….

Have you heard about PDF Studio?

If you are considering buying an eternal license of Adobe Acrobat, you might also be interested in our desktop application PDF Studio, which is an advanced PDF editor offered at 1/3 of the cost.

Buy PDF Studio Pro at $129

Compare Adobe Acrobat & PDF Studio

What is an outright purchase for Adobe Acrobat

You will find a chat exchange that I had with a sales advisor at Adobe® Acrobat® regarding the ability to purchase a lifetime / non-subscription license for Adobe Acrobat DC.

Even though it is rather hidden, it is still possible to make an “outright purchase”.

From chatting with the sales advisor, it is not clear what is included in free updates and how versioning / end-of-life will work for non-subscription purchases….

From the purchase page, it seems that there is still a yearly version number and considering a software life cycle, I am pretty sure that there will be an end-of-life based on this version at some point in the future.

Chat with a Sales Advisor
Can I buy a lifetime license for Adobe Acrobat DC?
It’s nice to have you on chat. How may I assist you with purchase today?
But with the subscription plan, you will get upgrades to any new features or new version as soon as available without additional cost.
Let me provide you with a direct link to place the order
I’ll standby to hear the order number and the order total since it helps me to verify the order and confirm that the order has gone through successfully.
Let me help if you face any issue while placing an order .
Since we are from online sales team, we do not have information on this.
What is the version number on the Adobe Acrobat DC for outright purchase?
Adobe always add new features to enhance the software.

Download Adobe Acrobat For Mac Catalina Mac Os

If you will purchase subscription plan, you will get free updates and upgrades for free(no additional cost) on subscription as long as the subscription is active.

Is Adobe Compatible With Catalina

With outright purchase, you will get only free updates.
We do not have information on future version but Adobe is always working to release new features to make software for more user friendly.
For ever or will version 2017 be end of life at some point?
We haven’t heard from you for a while, would you like to continue with this chat?
I understand I can continue using it. But will it be end of life at some point where Adobe stops support and security upgrades on a given version (for instance 2017).
I am not purchasing immediately. Thank you for your help.

Is Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc Compatible With Macos Catalina

Here is a screenshot of the purchase page on Adobe’s website:

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