Docker is a popular application containment environment on GNU/Linux that is available on FreeBSD as of June, 2015. Docker on FreeBSD relies heavily on ZFS, jail and the 64bit Linux compatibility layer that was introduced in June, 2015. Docker on FreeBSD is genuine Docker and retrieves containers from the official repository. Consult the official Docker documentation and resources for further assistance.

  1. Docker Run Centos Bash
  2. Docker Run Centos In Background
  3. Docker Run Centos Image

The official build of CentOS. Docker pull centos After an image has been downloaded, you may then run a container using the downloaded image with the run subcommand. If an image has not been downloaded when docker is executed with the run subcommand, the Docker client will first download the image, then run a container using it: docker run centos.

Docker Run Centos


Docker's currently broken. We are working on a current, executable version. Help is welcome. Current status:

Docker Run Centos

Limitations of the 64bit Linux compatibility subsystem will impact some Linux ABI containers and your testing and feedback is appreciated to help resolve any such issues.

The freebsd-virtualization mailing list, as well as the IRC channels #freebsd-docker and #bhyve on are good places to participate.


FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE or newer, specifically any version after preliminary support for x86-64 Linux binaries was addded.

Repository contains the port of Docker for FreeBSD.

sysutils/docker-freebsd contains the FreeBSD port for Docker. Docker port.

Installation and Use

The following steps, executed with root privileges, should provide a working Docker environment:


If you're not already using ZFS, you will need to create a raw disk, otherwise follow the above steps as instructed in the package message.

Using Docker as a normal user

In order to use Docker as a non-root/non-super user account, your user must be in the operator group:

After changing your user's group membership, log out and back in. Once logged back in docker psDownload mojave installer apple. should be usable (for example) as a non-superuser.

From another terminal:

Creation of a ZFS root using raw disk

These steps are only necessary if you're not already using ZFS.

The following steps allocate a 4G ZFS root file system using a raw disk, it allows you to test quickly.

FreeBSD under Docker


Common Errors

The 'docker' dataset needs to be created.

The 'ca_root_nss' package is not installed.


  • Operating-system level virtualization, including Application Containers and Jails

External References


Docker Run Centos Bash

  • GitHub of the FreeBSD docker port

  • Jetpack - FreeBSD Implementation of the Application Container Specification

  • FreeBSD runtime (based on Jail) for opencontainers/runc

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Docker Run Centos



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Docker Run Centos In Background




Docker Run Centos Image


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