I am trying to get started with Docker on Windows. My machine has 4GB of RAM and a 1.9GHz - 2.5GHz Intel i5 processor, running Windows 10 Pro x64. Mac os previous versions. I know these aren't powerful specs, but I would have. Docker Community Edition 17.09.0-ce-win33 2017-10-06. Bug fixes Fix Docker For Windows unable to start in some cases: removed use of libgmp sometimes causing the vpnkit process to die. Docker Community Edition 17.09.0-ce-win32 2017-10-02. Upgrades Docker 17.09.0-ce; Docker Compose 1.16.1; Docker Machine 0.12.2.

Key Features and Capabilities

The fastest way to design and deliver containerized applications and microservices on the desktop and cloud.

Simple Setup for Docker and Kubernetes

Docker Download Windows 10 Pro

Docker Download For Windows 10 Pro

Docker Download Windows 10 Pro

Download Docker Toolbox For Windows 10 Pro

No need to fiddle with VMs or add a bunch of extra components; simply install from a single package and have your first containers running in minutes. You get certified Kubernetes and Docker, for developers of all levels of container expertise.

Download Docker Without Windows 10 Pro

Certified Kubernetes

Setup a fully functional Kubernetes environment on your desktop with a single click and start developing and testing modern applications in minutes.

Docker Download Windows 10 Professional

Application Templates and App Designer

Docker Download For Windows 10 Pro

Customize and share multi-service applications and service templates that are tailored to your organization. Pre-defined and customizable application templates adhere to corporate standards and automate configuration, eliminating error-prone manual setup. Intuitive Application Designer facilitates the packaging, installing, and managing of multi-service applications as a shareable package.

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