And ansible is greatat creating deployment logic among other things. Where puppet, chef et al. Are primarily for automating a direct machine, Ansible is a general purpose automation framework. Terraform is definitely better at provisioning cloud resources, but Ansible is much better at automating pretty much anything else that you could think of. The '/var/lib/awx/projects' directory is the default project directory for your Ansible playbooks if you're using the AWX docker version with the 'projectdatadir' enabled. Step 5 - Create New Job Templates. Awx.awx.towerlicense – Set the license for Ansible Tower. Awx.awx.towermeta – Returns metadata about the collection this module lives in. Collection Index¶. These are the collections with docs hosted on

The most interesting concept is 'Build & Deploy' and it's a pity that it isn't described even on conceptual level.

I think the 'Build & Deploy' for configuration management is the right thing, but it looks like Ansible is not very good tool to implement it (and honestly, I don't know any mainstream tool that is really good at it).

I was trying to implement it as follows:

Docker ansible/awx_webDocker Ansible Awx

Docker Ansible/awx_web

Download xcode for macos catalina. - part of a role is executed locally, building all the configuration files from templates (build);- configuration built locally is rsynced into dedicated directory on target server, deleting unnecessary files etc (sync);- part of a role is executed remotely, setting up symlinks from real configuration paths into synced dir and running all necessary actions (restarting services etc).

Yes, it's possible to write Ansible playbooks and roles that way, but in practice you are permanently struggling with the default Ansible playbooks and roles organizational structure.


Docker Ansible Awx

I believe the only devops tool that really supports this style of things now is Nix and all the infrastructure around (and conceptually it's perfect, but in practice it has it's drawbacks).

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